Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom is an award-winning online early-reading program. It teaches reading proficiency to a third-grade level. We generally recommend starting the program the second semester of kindergarten and really focus on the training during the summer before first grade. This will help each student enter first grade better prepared to succeed. We also use the program for students in grades 1-3, and older students who are below a third-grade level.

Lately, we have had several families begin the program at the start of kindergarten. The children did well and became the top readers in the class by the end of kindergarten. So we are open to having children begin at the start of kindergarten if the parents feel the students are ready.


The Program normally cost $200 per year. We have secured a source of scholarships, so Members pay only $25 per student per year.


The Family Ambassador assigned to each family will create an account for each registered student and provide basic instructions to help students get started. They will also connect with families weekly to answer questions and encourage students to train consistently.


Students need to train consistently at least 15 minutes daily, five days per week., main program website

Please review the website for more information about the program.

Login to do the program at this website.

Especially, please review the materials under the resources tab.


Reading Kingdom has a version for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


The program can also be set to a version for older students who are beginning to learn how to read.

The program can also be set for English Language Learners.



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