Reading Success Program

Give the Gift of Reading.

We can help schools, after-school programs and families directly improve reading success for all students.

The current system is allowing too many children to fail. Together we can help every student achieve reading proficiency. 

Summer Camps

We have worked in multiple communities for 25 years providing leadership development camps for students who otherwise are being left behind. 

We are working to build a platform and template that any community/village can use to serve their children. 

After-school Programs

We provide after-school programs during the school year to continue the work of our summer leadership development camps. 

Often youth leaders from the summer camp help to manage the after-school programs. 

Create your own Village

Anyone in any community can help to build a Village in their community. 

We are working to build a platform that can be replicated easily and serve as the basis to organize any village.

If you want to help build a better community in your area, please contact us to learn how we can work together.

Local Business Development

Many people with good ideas find it challenging to bring their dreams to reality. This includes profit and nonprofit efforts.

We work to provide a platform anyone can use to birth their ideas to serve their community and create jobs.

Personal Development

Every member is expected to take responsibility to achieve their full potential, uplift their families, and help build a better community.

If you don’t need anything, then help others in the community.

We provide tools to perform a self-evaluation and develop a personal plan. This includes listing how you can help to build the village so we can connect people to the right resources.

Volunteer Opportunities

Helping others is one of the most gratifying actions an individual can take.

Most people are willing to help others, but they don’t know where to plug in.

Each Village will build a system to match needs with resources. 


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