Program Introduction

We provide information, online tools and support to help students achieve grade-level success or higher. It is very difficult to get any new programs into schools, so our strategy is to work primarily with families and community organizations. However, we collaborate with schools whenever possible.

There are five stages of program implementation:

  • Womb-to-classroom
  • Elementary, focus on students achieving the 3rd-grade reading-proficiency milestone and enter middle school at grade level
  • Middle school, continue grade-level achievement and enter high school ready to succeed
  • High school, continue to achieve at grade-level or above and exit high school ready to succeed in college, vocational school, or career
  • Post-secondary

We are working to help build the community womb-to-classroom program, but currently our focus is grades K-3 to help as many students as possible achieve the 3rd-grade reading-proficiency milestone. Preventing learning struggles is far better and easier than remediation. The longer a student is allowed to struggle with learning, the harder it is to catch them up.

Our programs can help students in the fourth grade and beyond, but our focus remains K-3. 

The education system operates in a two-dimensional model. The main elements in this model are instruction and testing. Instruction includes the building infrastructure, policies, procedures, staffing, professional development, staff evaluation, scheduling, and curriculum. Testing evaluates what a student knows. If a student is behind, more instruction is provided. As needed, the instruction may be differentiated, but for the most part it is more of the same.

The third dimension is student learning capacity. This focuses on understanding how effectively a student processes information, understanding their mindset, and understanding  their life situation. What are the factors that impact how effectively a student can learn? (Factors that impact learning model)

Most students who are behind and struggle in school have some deficit or issue that needs to be understood and addressed in order to help catch them up to grade level. 

Our programs provides families and schools with the tools to help better understand the learning capacity of each student and address deficits to empower students to achieve their full potential. 

The ultimate goal is to get students on the Pathway To Success as soon as possible.


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