Program Implementation

There are three type of implementation:

  1. In schools
  2. After-school programs
  3. In home

Regardless of the situation, students basically train about 20 minutes 4-5 days per week using proven online programs. All that varies is where they do the training and who mentors the student to encourage them and help to keep them on track.

Students need a computer with access to high-speed Internet.

The school, program, or family will need to establish an account and set up a student account for each student. It is very easy to do. Little training is required.

The programs are mostly self-directed. Once students have an account and know how to login, they can do the programs.

The key to success is consistency and intentionality of training. 

Students have to understand that doing the program is not punishment because they are behind in school.

This is an opportunity for them to build their skills so they can succeed. 



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