Program Elements

Learning is a Process

Instruction alone is not sufficient.

Students must also build the skills that empower effective learning.

If a student struggles to achieve grade-level performance, there is usually a reason–the Skill Gap.

The solution to overcome learning difficulties is to identify and fix any skill gaps.

Once the appropriate skills have been strengthened, that should unlock a student’s learning effectiveness.


The following information and tools can help families and schools identify potential causes of learning struggles and help to address them so each student has the skills to succeed. 

All students can benefit from evaluating their skills and working to improve any skills that are not at full capacity.


1. Understand the Learning Process

Discover the key factors that influence learning and what can be done to improve learning effectiveness. 

Understand why a student may struggle with learning and what can be done to remove barriers to learning.

Understand why so many students are not proficient at grade level.

A better understanding can lead to action that helps more students succeed.

2. Understand and Evaluate Mindset

What a student believes about themselves and their abilities can dramatically influence how well they do in school.

What is a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset?

Do I or my children have a fixed or growth mindset and how do I change?

3. Evaluate and Address Visual Processing Skills

How well is my child processing visual inputs? How do I find out?

Does my child have Irlen Syndrome?

Does my child have strong pattern recognition skills?

4. Evaluate and Address Auditory Processing Skills

What is the difference between phonemic awareness and phonics? How do they impact reading?

Does my child have strong auditory processing skills?

How can I find out and what can I do to strengthen auditory processing skills?

5. Complete Reading Kingdom, an online early-reading program

What are the differences between reading programs?

Why is Reading Kingdom so effective?

How much time does it take to do the training?

6. Assess Cognitive Processing Skills
Complete Brain Training Program

What are cognitive processing skills?

How do they impact learning?

Can cognitive processing skills be strengthened?


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