Mindset can have a strong negative or positive influence on learning. Mindset is generally defined as a person’s core set of beliefs that determine a person’s response to situations. Mindset can hold a student back from succeeding, or it can help a student overcome failure and go on to higher levels of success.


People tend to view their interactions with the world through their belief system or mindset. A person’s mindset can impact self esteem and performance. A student who has low self-esteem and does not believe they can succeed often will not succeed when they potentially could succeed. They may avoid trying new things because they fear failure will cause others to think poorly of them and define their intelligence as being low.


One of the more popular bodies of research on the topic defines two types of mindset: 1) growth mindset or 2) fixed mindset. Professor Carol Dweck is one of the leading researchers in this field. 


The following link provides a detailed summary about the topic.  Summary on Mindset and related topics

This topic area also covers motivation, persistence, perseverance, and expectations. 

It is important for us to set high expectations and rather than to continue to accept failure. 


It’s not your fault

Our education system tends to label students. If a student is behind they are often placed into a remedial group. Parents may be called by the teacher where concerns about the student being behind are communicated. Most students view this negatively and believe they may have done something wrong–they may think it is their fault. 


We do need to know when a student is behind so the appropriate corrective measures can be taken. But, somehow we have to communicate with the student that it is not their fault. They have not done anything wrong. Participating in this Program is not a punishment.


Working consistently in the program can catch up a student to grade level or above so they no longer have to feel the same of being behind.



Review the summary on Mindset and related topics.

Evaluate whether the student has a fixed or growth mindset. (Online Quiz)

If a student has a fixed mindset, identify strategies and actions you can take to help build a growth mindset.


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