Membership is free.

Members can access several features and programs at no cost.

Members can participate in Villages free.

Some programs have a cost, but members get special deals.

If a member cannot afford a program they need, we will work to raise donations and grants so cost is not a barrier.

We can build a better community if we work together.

Waiting for superman, or the government, is not working.

We have to take responsibility and address the key issues as a Village.

As a Village, we will work to support you to achieve your dreams and uplift your family.

But, as part of the Village, you can help others to achieve their dreams. 

Reasons to join

  • You know you could accomplish more if you had some help and guidance.
  • You need help, but you don’t know who to ask.
  • You want to help others, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You are tired of seeing problems in your community that never seem to be addressed.
  • You don’t feel welcome or wanted in your own community. You feel isolated.

Join because together we can build a better community

Expectations and process

Join and complete your basic profile.

Look to see if there is a Village in your area.

If yes, join that Village.

If now, check into building a Village in your area.

Complete your self evaluation to determine your needs and priorities.

Develop a plan with specific goals.

Search our resource database to identify resources that may help you.

Access the Reading Program if needed.



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