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Colorado Springs


Las Vegas, Nevada


Peoria, Illinois

What is a Village?

A Cornerstone Village is a group of neighbors who have joined together on this communication platform to help one another and address issues in their neighborhood.

We initially define the geographical area of a Village by the elementary school boundaries in the community.

Each school district already defines the boundaries to determine which children should go to which neighborhood elementary school.

A person can join any Village they wish, but logically members would join the Village in which they reside. 

A Village can also be any group that comes together to address a common cause.

Why join a Village?

To be kept informed about what is going on in your Village.

To be able to identify resources in your Village.

To be able to communicate more easily and broadly with fellow members in your Village.

To be able to ask questions and get answers from fellow members and community organizations.

To be able to ask for help and hopefully receive help from fellow members in your Village.

To be able to more easily identify opportunities where you can help others and participate in projects to build a better community.

To track progress of projects to improve your Village.

To improve your quality of life and uplift your family. 


How does a Village work?

A leader in the Village, or an appropriate organization, requests permission to set up a Village on this platform.

Once permission is granted, a basic template will be set up at no charge.

The Village Manager (VM) is given administrative access to the system.

The VM collaborates with local organizations to spread the word and encourage people in the Village to join. As resources permit, invitations will be handed out through the Village. Posters will be displayed. Events will be held.
Key people will begin to research resources and populate the Village Resource Database.

Once a critical mass of members have joined, members can start to communicate and collaborate to build the Village. 

Members can begin to post opportunities to volunteer.

Members can post questions.

Crutcher Cornerstone CDC will work to raise grant funds to be able to sponsor Villages and help them get started. 

Status of building Villages

We are just getting started.

We are building two model Villages in Colorado Springs.

Once we have the system operating properly, we will begin to expand to more Villages in more communities.

We will likely focus where we have programs already in Las Vegas, Nevada and Peoria, Illinois.

But, anyone is welcome to contact us and work to build a Village in their area. 

Currently, we list the links at the top of this page to go to the model Villages that are in the process of being built.

Later, we will add a search function to find your Village.

To set up new village be free to contact us


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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