Learning Process

The traditional education model assumes that good instruction + good curriculum = learning.

If a student has the foundational skills that empower learning, this model generally works.

However, how effectively a student processes information can significantly impact learning.

The true model:

Good instruction + good curriculum + effective student processing = learning.



Learning can be impacted by many factors. This includes:

Family situation

Developmental history, balanced brain development




Social emotional skills

Sensory input system

Life experiences

Knowledge base, such as vocabulary and print awareness

Cognitive Processing Skills, such as working memory, visual processing skills, and auditory processing skills



Any one of the above elements could impact learning.

Families can follow generally accepted guidelines from ages 0-5 to help ensure their children enter school with the foundational skills that empower learning.


If for any reason, one or more of the above factors is not fully developed or there is an issue, it is important to assess and identify these potential barriers to learning.


Our program provides a good background and set of tools that can be used to assess and improve the skills that empower learning.


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