Auditory Processing

Once the sounds of language are heard, the brain has to process these sounds and make sense of them. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, process, identify and manipulate the sounds of language. It is considered a cognitive skill. Phonics are the specific letter codes associated with the sounds of language. Each language has its own unique set of phonics rules. Phonics is a learned skill.


Knowing the letter sounds of the alphabet is the first step. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet and one sound associated with each letter. These represent the simple codes; one sound per letter. In the English language, there are additional codes made up of letter combinations that represent the rest of the sounds of the language. These include the long vowels sounds and combinations such as “th” and “ough”. 


We have a series of exercises that can strengthen phonemic awareness and phonics skills as needed for each student. Your Family Ambassador will set up an account in the CogRead system to provide access to these exercises. These exercises would be done in conjunction with Reading Kingdom.


There are numerous websites that provide free information and training on phonics. One good site is


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